Payments can be made online with a checking account.

The Board of Selectmen meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is August 4, at 6pm, 23 High St. Meetings are open to the public.

Please call 768-3313 if you would like to be put on the agenda for public comment.

Trustees of Trust funds will be meeting at 4:45pm 8/4

Danbury Town Hall

Selectmen's Office Hours

Monday 8-4
Tuesday 1-5
Wednesday 11:30-5:30
Thursday 8-4
Friday 8-12

Due to unforeseen cirumstances, office hours are subject to change. Please call ahead 768-3313.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector hours 768-5448

Monday 12-6
Tuesday 12-7
Wednesday 11-6
Thursday 9-3
Friday Closed
3rd Sat of Month 9-12

Board of Selectmen, Budget Committee & Planning Board Minutes Calendar

Property Assessors in Town

A representative from Commerford Neider Perkins(CNP), the town's contracted assessing company, will be in Danbury for the next few weeks to visit properties that have sold in the past two years as well as any that may have been missed in the data collection.

This is a component of our 2021 town wide property revaluation, mandated by the State of New Hampshire.

The CNP employee will have a badge and drives a 2014 white Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV.

If you have any questions, please call the Selectmen's office at 768-3313.


Payments can be made online with a checking account.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector 603 768-5448




During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fire Warden, Merton Austin is asking that all permits be obtained through the online portal. Click the link below to be taken to the NH Online Fire Permitting site:

Online Burn Permitting System

A printer and a credit card are needed as permits must be printed and signed to be valid. The permits are $5.50 each (the fee for the payment vendor)

You must have a permit, and may obtain it online. If you can not access this system or do not wish to pay the fee, please contact Forest Fire Warden Merton Austin at (603)768-3677 or Jake Moran at (603)491-0121

Old Danbury NH

Danbury was not an original colonial grant, but was formed from part of the town of Alexandria to the north. In 1794, a group of Alexandria residents petitioned the state legislature to separate Alexandria into two towns due to the inconvenience of having a mountain divide the town, making it difficult for all the residents to gather in a single place.

The petition was granted in 1795, and the lower piece was incorporated as Danbury in that year. The name was suggested by a settler from Danbury, Connecticut. Later more land was added to Danbury from Hill and Wilmot.

In 1800 there were 165 people in Danbury, which on July 10, 1874 was transferred from Grafton County to Merrimack County. Today there are close to 1,300 people in Danbury.